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Waka-sama Dilemma

Despite the LOOMING EXAMS (sorry I just have to, need to KICK SELF INTO ACTION!!), I have commenced on Wakaouji sensei's route. I always thought I'd like the older guys more, but so far he seems pretty 'meh'. Maybe it's because the bulk of the CGs haven't triggered yet??

Can't resist Masaki whenever he comes calling ;A; and now he's at tokimeki state just like Waka-sama, so I have to KILL HIS AFFECTION FOR BAMBI. Some of the guys have also begun bombing, and I can't be bothered to figure this out in my head before I start another 1-2h gaming session...
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その3 桜井ルカ 「不死身のヒーローだから」

Number three on our list of conquests is Sakurai Ruka of the Sakurai kyoudai pair, our hero and the Hazuki Kei of the third installment. Whilst Hazuki was dreamy and perfect in every way, Ruka (and his brother) is so flawed that it's almost charming. I'm guessing flawed is the new 'in' personality (as is the tsundere, but that's getting a bit overused thee days), for it allows the player to sympathise with a battered soul struggling for an ideal that may not always be tangible. Or that's what I feel, anyway.

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Before I digress, too much, I'd better talk about Ruka.


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No. 2 - Sakurai Kouichi

Sakurai Kouichi, the older of the Sakurai brothers, as everyone well knows. I've given him the shorthand nickname 'K1' (K= Kou, 1=ichi) for sheer laziness in typing, added to the word limitation in communicating with many a otome game friend in certain sections of the Japanese social networking cum fashion dress-up site, Poupee Girl (where I spend an inordinate amount of my time). If you don't know what's Poupee Girl, don't worry! I'll cover that in due time. ^^

Brash, bold, and oft times a blundering fool, Kouichi catches your attention really quickly. When Konami first released dribbles of info about the game, he was the one that stood out, beside the Hazuki Kei mold that was his brother.  A scary and gangsteresque half of the main character duo??? The sheer novelty of it drove me to him instantly.

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TMGS 3 First Conquest - Fujiyama Arashi

I barged right through this one fresh, without any tips or guides whatsoever! The game play's about the same as the first two games, as is the calendar (Valentine's, sports day, cultural festival, Christmas etc), so it wasn't that hard to get used to.

At first I thought I'd go for Kouichi, since he scared me so, but then I decided to take the leisurely route and go for Fujiyama. Didn't manage to trigger Junpei to come out so it was quite a lonely 3 years without W mode. ;A;
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ときメモGS3 スタート!!

It's hereeeeee!
Funnily enough, I was most intrigued by the bonus bag hanger that comes when you order the Gold Set (game + habataki watcher + OST).
The counter-weight system that balances your bag without need for sticky tape/clamps is ingenious!

I've played the game for a bit already, it's SO ADDICTIVE. Probably because I've avoided spoiling myself by not peeking at all the posts on tokimemogs . ^^
To those still waiting for your copy, IT'LL COME SOON, DON'T BE TEMPTED BY THOSE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!

*Goes off to be scared by Kouichi*

On another, slightly irrelevant note, I managed to get 5 volumes of Nodame Cantabile on sale yesterday~ *-*